Antidepressants for young people with anxiety and depression (Project Completed)

Graphic showing a seated person conducting a remove video meeting with two other figures.

I worked on the antidepressant project with a few other YPAG members and some other young people from The McPin Foundation. 

We joined a zoom call with the researchers of the project and discussed our initial thoughts and feelings on SSRIs using padlets and some scenarios of people receiving them. After this, the researchers showed us a presentation on how antidepressants work and explained a bit about their project. I really enjoyed how much I learnt about SSRIs in this session, the researchers were friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.

In another zoom meeting, about a month later, we came up with ideas for how the researchers could convey the information to other young people in a video or other media form. In small groups we discussed ideas and then feedback to the larger group in order to talk about each others ideas and help the researchers get a better idea. 

I got to record audio for the animation that the researchers ended up creating, it was really fun to learn about how that type of project works and the team were so kind.

Project resources

This is the animation that was produced.

Catherine Harmer – Antidepressants for young people with depression & anxiety #ActiveIngredientsMH

The researchers also produced a podcast

The work was published in prestigious peer-review (checked by experts) journal – The Lancet!

One of the researchers, Sophie wrote a blog about her experience working with the YPAG.