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What is our YPAG – Young People’s Advisory Group?

We are a group of young people (between 14 and 19 years old) who work with researchers in the Neuroscience, Ethics and Society (NEUROSEC) team who help co-produce methods for working with young people to better understand the views of young people with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. We also support other researchers to set up their own YPAGs and run sessions to provide researchers with advice at various stages in their research projects.

Read our terms of references that we have co-developed with our researchers. We try and avoid jargon but in case you come across some, try looking here.

A big but important bit of terminology you may see as this pays for the group: we are funded by the National Institute for Health and Social Care Research Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (or NIHR OH BRC for short!!)

What we do…to make a difference

How do we work together with researchers?

This is the agreement we have co-developed with our researchers. You can read it here.

Watch the animation that we co-produced with the researchers about making sure involvement is meaningful here.

Young People’s Involvement in Research

Who can join our YPAG?

Anyone is welcome between the ages of 14-19 years. For more details head over to our recruitment page.

What are the goals of our YPAG?

We have three key goals for our group:

  • Ensure diverse young people’s views are included in our group and research
  • Make sure there are benefits of being involved for young people
  • Improve the research and its impact by ensuring it is relevant to young people’s lives 

We also want to be inclusive and welcome everyone with different identities, academic abilities, personal characteristics, identities, disabilities, experiences and mental health challenges.

What our sessions look and feel like

We have a mix of online sessions (more since covid) and in-person sessions. The main purpose of the meetings is to collaborate (or work) with researchers on research projects. Meetings also include games and icebreakers to help us get to know one another and work well as a group. They can be both in person or online.

Read some of the blogs to get a feel for what we have done so far!

What you can learn

YPAG members have a chance to learn about mental health, ethics, and the process of doing research. We also have the chance to interact closely with researchers who are doing cutting-edge work in their field.

Read our stories about our experiences of being in the YPAG.

How to get involved in research

Keep checking in here or follow our Instagram page for new opportunities to join a project!

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