Read the full Storytelling Evaluation Impact report containing all young people’s and researcher’s stories.

A Better Understanding of Everything

This young person discusses the Childline project they were involved in, explores how supported they felt and how they have made a positive impact for others through this research.

You See it From all Perspectives Now

We discuss a project this young person was involved in. She explains the research process, her increase in confidence and her openness to other perspectives.

Talk and Play Pool

Here we explore the benefits of YPAG from this young person’s perspective. It discusses how YPAG has had positive impact on their future.

Confidence is the Bedrock

Our story explores how this YPAG member presented their views and ideas in front of researchers and university teams, they now have gained confidence both in YPAG and everyday life- leading projects and meeting new people.

Looking into a Better Future

We look at how this YPAG member got involved in debating issues she was interested, how they came to feel more empowered in and contributed to future change.