Making YPAG more accessible: our digital (and in-person) strategy


  • Engage and recruit more young people from diverse groups to join the YPAG
  • Fulfil our aims to improve accessibility of research to include all young people, ensure trust and transparency and make young people’s involvement in research sustainable
  • Develop engaging ‘content’ to communicate about our work to diverse groups of young people
  • Engage through sharing experiences and stories of being in a YPAG and benefits of being involved for you (and for the research/other YP)
  • Offer choices (or signpost) for different ways to be involved in research:
  • participation (as subjects in studies)
  • involvement – advisory and co-production (as in our YPAG)
  • possibly advocacy and activism (some of our partners and charities)
  • To bring together different communities of young people through involvement in research

What we hope to achieve

  • Hope to engage and recruit more young to join YPAG to represent the views of young people from a diverse range of groups and backgrounds
  • Develop content to communicate YPAG work to young people e.g., through a website or social media
  • Show young people what YPAG is about, the benefits of being in YPAG and the future pathways YPAG can create for young people
  • Show young people the different ways they can be involved in research – choices to make research more transparent, open and accessible
  • Make sure it’s clear what YPAG is, and make it inclusive and attractive to diverse young people


  • Young people to understand what YPAG is, and how young people are involved
  • Young people to understand the benefits of being in YPAG – what difference does it make
  • Young people can access information through social media platforms and websites to find out about what YPAG is doing
  • Young people know and can choose different ways of being involved in research: signpost to different pathways
  • Recruit new young people ready to be peer-peer trained by our YPAG

Addressing accessibility: in-person YPAG as well as digital YPAG

Local in-person approaches

  • Go to youth groups, guides, scouts, social clubs (all identities) in different areas and talk about YPAG, run interactive taster sessions and discuss how they can get involved

On-line/digital YPAG

  • Create social media platforms on Instagram/ twitter/ Facebook for YPAG and post about YPAG
  • Make sure any advertising of YPAG is clear, has no difficult words, engaging, easy to understand, have pictures of boys and girls, bright colours, easy bullet points, not lots of words
  • Create a clear website for YPAG which includes pictures, what YPAG does, research YPAG has carried out, pros of being in YPAG, how YP can get involved
  • Twitter and OH BRC website: more focussed towards researchers